We originally started as a recruitment agency in 2013 providing UHNW families with a bespoke recruitment service, sourcing candidates internationally for them. The service was targeted at the most prestigious properties around the world.​

Our team are innovators and through our years as an agency we constantly developed internal systems to streamline our processes in order to provide our clients and candidates with a better service.​

At the beginning of 2018 we began developing the Marlin App to further improve the on-boarding of candidates and instant communication with them to discuss opportunities we had as an agency. This worked so well that we felt the Employers would benefit from such a platform. It really was a ‘eureka moment’!



Job Seekers have been tremendously supportive in providing feedback in the early stages of this App’s development, and are delighted with the fact Employers can now contact them directly. Employers are equally happy that they can so easily connect with Job Seekers globally who are looking for opportunities.​

The overwhelming interest we have had from candidates and Employers proves that there is a need for such a platform – but there’s still a lot more that we want to achieve! If you are technologically-minded or have experience providing excellent customer service, we would love to hear from you.​

Our mission is that more and more Employers will use the Marlin App to source the best candidates globally - both for small households that employ one or two members of staff to large estates and Hotels that employ a much larger staff-force.


Awesome Team

Demos Demetriou

Demos Demetriou


A born entrepreneur with a thirst for innovation, Demos has merged his IT skills with his experience in luxury hospitality and recruitment to develop the ultimate disruptor to the industry.

He’s an upbeat and enthusiastic leader and when he’s not busy coding, web designing or blogging, be sure that he’s planning the next great thing.

Nargis Jafferali

Nargis Jafferali


Once a social media novice, Nargis now speaks in hashtags, creating new ways to build and promote the Marlin brand and utilising her expertise in sales, business development and customer relations to her advantage.

She’s a busy mum, a Great British Bake-Off contender and a “glass-half-full” kind of girl.

Stephanie Boxall

Stephanie Boxall


By day she heads up Operations, and with her strong background in recruitment and security, she’s the first point-of-call for our candidates.

Out of the office, Steph’s normally venturing the wilderness, scaling mountains or exploring the outrageous, and she’s on a mission to get everyone to give blood and recycle.


Excellent Advisors

Amber Lippiett

Amber Lippiett


She’s a seasoned Chief Marketing Officer, experienced in helping early stage tech companies launch and grow. Amber may be our newest recruit, but her enthusiasm and energy is infectious.

Chris Metalle

Chris Metalle


Brought on to expand the network and make introductions with potential investors, Chris has become a valuable voice of experience in the market and has played a key role in our growth and strategy.