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Our Journey

Chapter 11: We're getting there, it feels SLOW, but it really isn't

I'm on a low about our slow progress but some reflection can soon change my mood. It's easy to forget how much we have done.

Our Journey


Chapter 10: It's all happening for a reason

Is it fate, God or just luck? Who knows. But it's all happening for a reason. Every call, meeting and how we started on this fantastic journey.

Our Journey


Chapter 9: Bye bye comfort zone!

To succeed in anything, you have to push yourself out of your comfort zone as much as possible. It's tough but well worth it.

Our Journey


Chapter 8: Daddy, how many candidates have registered?

This week we had a win. It was also a week with some difficult questions but as always we push on. Onwards and upwards!

Our Journey


Chapter 7: The Middlemen are dying!

Middlemen are being replaced by technology. It's happened in many other industries and is now happening in the way people hire. Times are changing people.

Our Journey


Chapter 6: It’s time to Quit!

Where is the failure line when you have to stop, have we reached that? It is a constantly changing line and if you don't see the signs in could spell disaster.

Our Journey


Chapter 5 - So which hat will it be today?

The different roles you get involved in while building a start-up can be mind boggling. Read about the different hats we have worn recently.

Our Journey


Chapter 4 - So you think you can help? This way please.

Cue the advisors. The help we have had so far and the help that start-ups need. A bit of news on some meetings too.

Our Journey


Chapter 3: You could have the best product in the world, but if nobody knows about it…

Marketing is more important than the App itself. Find out why we are excited about our marketing.

Our Journey


Chapter 2 - We cracked it… I can’t believe it!

Some history of the Marlin App and the beginning of our journey. Why we started the App and how it will help Employers and Job Seekers.

Our Journey


Chapter 1 - Life in a start-up. Be gentle this is my first post!

The first blog post from our founder who will now write a weekly honest insight into the journey of a start-up.

Our Journey