5 people who don't want Recruitment Made Easy


Nargis Jafferali

5 people who don't want Recruitment Made Easy

When it comes to hospitality recruitment, we think it's a no-brainer: surely EVERYONE out there yearns for an easy life?! Right?

Wrong. Apparently not. So we put together the 5 types of personalities that do NOT want Recruitment Made Easy.

1) The Time Wasters

These are your people with time to burn. Lots of it. They love nothing better than sitting by their phones (picture a rotary landline telephone next to a metal studded leather armchair) and calling up Mary, their recruitment agent, the person they call every time they have a vacancy. When Mary is off finding candidates for them or on annual leave, your Time Wasters spend their time scrolling through social media, posting their job vacancies and going through the long list of "I'm interested" responses. Time Wasters aren't going anywhere, they're perfectly happy spending anything up to a month or beyond trying to find good staff. "Secure an interview within 24 hours, you say? Why? When I can call Mary, and it takes her 3-4 weeks?"

2) The Cash Burners

These are the people with stacks of cash buried away, perhaps in a secret vault - so much that they don't care what it's spend on and they have a care-free attitude towards cost. Cash Burners, with their unlimited spending budget, have the following reaction to recruitment: "You want me to pay you 20%, that's £7500, for taking 3 weeks to send me 20 CVs, all of whom aren't that great??.....Sure, sounds great!!!!" These people also have expensive running subscriptions to every job board ever established. But do they help them find great staff? Nope!

3) The Un-Socialites

These people are not into fresh faces, and not huge fans of finding new talent. Perhaps they manage a business with a revolving door of low staff retention or perhaps they just run a largely-staffed enterprise, but they've certainly been in the hiring business a while now. Every time they put out a vacancy, or scroll through their job board, they come across the same people listed...and they're absolutely fine with that! They don't need to see a new selection of candidates every time they search, because they're not into that. Old is best, at least that's what they reckon!

4) The CV Addicts

These people just love CVs. They have no issue spending hours upon hours crafting their literary masterpieces, trying desperately to cram their entire careers into a 2-page document. In fact, you'll often hear them comment that their CV paints the best picture and was a total breeze to compose. "Don't even bother meeting me", they'll say, "let my fabulous CV do the talking instead".

5) The Form Fanatics

You thought CV Addicts were passionate - you clearly haven't met aform-filling aficionado! When they see an application form, it literally sends chills up their spine. They just have to fill in every section, and they don't even have an issue stating "I'm a team player" in 20 different ways. Whilst most sigh at the sight of a long form to complete, the Form Fanatics make a cuppa and settle in for the happiest hour (or more) of their life!

So, who out of this list have you come across in your travels? Or perhaps you identify yourself as one of these personality types? If you've been struggling with Recruitment - either looking for staff to hire or finding a new job for yourself - then consider a fresh approach. Ditch the forms, free up your time, save your pennies, and use technology to make your life so much simpler.

The Marlin App is available on the App Store/Google Play Store to download - once you discover Recruitment Made Easy, we promise you won't look back!