Chapter 12: Recruitment agents will be gone in 10 years


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 12: Recruitment agents will be gone in 10 years

It’s Madness

No, I haven’t gone bloody mad. I bought myself a Crystal Ball from Amazon and that’s what it said in Alexa’s voice — “Recruitment Agents will be gone in 10 years”. That’s got to be accurate right? It did have a 5-star review and, after all, Alexa knows best!

If you are a recruitment agent, then I would look to change careers if I was in your shoes. More and more job seekers and employers are struggling to see the value that recruitment agents bring to the hiring process other than a nice fat commission bill, which is value in the wrong direction I’m afraid.

I know all about the process, the fees and the procedures; after all I owned an agency in the Private Staff sector for 5 years. That experience was a great insight into the frustrations that employers and job seekers have and just how broken the industry is - and that was just one small sector! We are on a mission to fix that and to fix it properly. We saw the light and, although our App has cannibalised our agency, it has been well worth it.

Yes, we can’t send in a nice commission bill when an employer finds a candidate on the Marlin App, BUT what it brings is much more rewarding. The ability to sleep well at night knowing we have done something good by changing an industry for the better and making it easier for the two most important parties, the employer and the job seeker. That’s all that matters and it’s how people will fill jobs quicker.

We now give employers full control over who they want to interview and hire themselves without anyone telling them otherwise. It also gives job seekers a chance to hear from the employer first-hand about the opportunity they are offering, rather than a glossier version from a recruiter. I don’t want to tar all recruiters with the same brush, that’s not fair. Besides I don’t have a brush big enough.

Not Really

I can just see all of you recruitment agents wondering what I have been smoking recently to come up with all this crap. Sorry to disappoint but I don’t smoke, and it isn’t crap. More importantly, I am not alone in my thinking. If I had a pound for every candidate and employer that feels the same way, I would have made enough money to retire.

Those of you who know me well know that money is not my motivation, it never has been which is why I have not been collecting those pound coins. It is clear to see that in many industries technology will change them completely. I remember Blockbuster as I’m sure many of you do. If someone came to you while you were renting a video to watch with your family and said that the only relevant part of Blockbuster would be the ‘Bust’ part, you would have laughed them away right?

The same will happen in the recruitment industry, it is inevitable. It is already starting to happen with a new App coming to the market every week. It looks like every single old business model out there will eventually be replaced too, look at banking, insurance and many, many others. The smart ones will be part of that change or they will be changed. If you are running a business with an outdated business model you REALLY need to start thinking outside the box before you get locked in the bloody box.

Pipe Dream

You may think that this is some pipe dream and that when I wake up to the reality, I will realise you can’t change an established industry. Everything changes and the longer an industry is set in its ways the bigger the change will be. Remember when they said that Lehman Brothers would never fail? Well that was a load of tosh. Just like all you readers who think that recruitment agents will be around forever…well, they WON’T.