Chapter 13: We're doing this all for you!


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 13: We're doing this all for you!

All In

In recent months I have raided my savings, used my son’s inheritance, borrowed from friends, family and fools, survived on bread and olives, and even breathed a little less oxygen to remain frugal enough, so that I can invest what I can in the Marlin App! OK that is a bit far-fetched. I have sacrificed a lot but maybe not as much as this, YET. All I can say is whatever it takes it will be done, because it is our duty to make a huge change in the Recruitment industry as a whole. This is all about doing the right thing.

My team have sacrificed a tremendous amount too. Steph, Nargis, our advisors Amber and Chris have gone over and above all of the money they get paid to work on things to make the Marlin App happen. It’s their passion project too and, yes, wait for it... I’m really lucky to have them on board. Now this isn’t a post so you can feel sorry for us because let’s face it, we signed up for this and we don’t regret that for one second because of the benefits it brings to the Job Seeker and Employer community as a whole.

In my recent meeting with Digiworkz, I was asked if we are a Recruitment App or a Community App. A great question. We are absolutely the latter. The community we are building will change the Recruitment industry forever, together. Many of our users are equally as passionate as us because they can see the need for transparency and to speed up the job-hunting process.

That’s the real point of what we’re doing. This is a community. A community that can be part of this journey with us, to help grow and ultimately benefit from the number of opportunities a large community can bring. It will take time and a change of direction for users who’ve done the same thing for a long time, BUT it will happen. I asked Alexa recently and she said it’s a “no brainer”.

“When Henry Ford made cheap, reliable cars, people said, ‘Nah, what’s wrong with a horse?’ That was a huge bet he made, and it worked.” — Elon Musk

The reason we signed up for this and have made all of these sacrifices, and not just stuck with the old business model of finding staff for employers and charging a nice fat commission, is because we want to change the industry and create a trusted community of Job Seekers and Employers. Recruitment really can’t carry on like it is and it won’t. The Marlin App shines a light on an industry covered in darkness and brings transparency, value and results for the most important people: the Job Seeker and the Employer. Not the Agent or Job Board in the middle.

We want to make it easy and stress free for Job Seekers to find that next opportunity without having to keep applying for jobs and sending their CV’s into a black hole. We also want to give Employers a stress-free alternative instead of searching through a load of job applicants from Reed or Indeed. Yes, we have LOTS to do, but that doesn’t worry us one bit. With the support of our community, we will continue to build on our platform to improve and enhance all the features, which will in turn bring the best job opportunities.

We really are doing this ALL for you and, as Steph has been doing recently on Everest, we will climb to new heights to deliver a platform that will really change the way people find the best jobs internationally. (More on Steph’s amazing adventure soon.)

The Meeting

I recently had a great meeting with Paul Allen, Rob Andrews and their new intern from Digiworkz. I must say, the fact they invited a new intern into a potential client meeting said a lot to me, in a good way. Digiworkz are a business accelerator with experience in the Recruitment sector. They have some excellent ideas and experience. It’s early days as to whether we’ll get the opportunity to work together, but it certainly would be good for both parties. I think their experience would be great to help us successfully build this community and I also believe they would be a great asset in helping us fundraise at both our current level and in the future. They seem very genuine and believe we are on to something big, so let’s see where the conversations go.

The Blogs

As many of you know I’m still pretty new to all of this blogging. This is the 13th week and it still amazes me that I’ve had enough to write about and, given all the things going on, had the focus to actually write. I didn’t get a degree in English, so I must confess that Steph and Nargis always cast an eye over my works before I publish. All in all, I think these blogs have been good for you readers to hear first-hand what we’re going through and hopefully we have inspired a few wannabe entrepreneurs to go off and get ‘started’. The feedback from you all is what matters and so far, it has been really positive. So, I guess onwards and upwards for the next 13 weeks!

As always thank you for taking the time to read these ramblings. Till next time…