Chapter 16: A glimmer of hope


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 16: A glimmer of hope

I’m back

It’s nice to get back to writing these blogs about our journey —  I’ve missed it and there is much to write about in the coming weeks. Did I really say that!? Here is a man who was struggling to find things to write about in the first post. How things change…

Before I start though, I do hope you enjoyed the three parts of Steph’s adventure to Everest. Has it inspired anyone to book a trip to Nepal yet?

Now a word of warning. This week’s post may seem like I am blowing our trumpet a bit but please forgive me, I have good reason. We have spent 18 months working our asses off and when we get some good news or even just a glimmer of hope, I want everyone to know about it. Not because I am an egotistical b****** but because I want to give all the start-ups out there striving to create something for themselves a little bit of hope and inspiration. Sometimes when you are at your lowest points and about to give up, this could be the inspiration needed to push on ahead and make your venture a huge success.

As you all know by now from this blog alone, building a start-up is hard. No, not hard, at times it feels like it’s bloody impossible, BUT sometimes a few things happen that make everything so much clearer and it gives you and your team the extra rocket fuel required to step up yet another notch (if that’s even possible).

Oohhh Exciting

The first bit of exciting news is that a well-known Hotel chain have tried the App and, guess what, they loved it. They agreed that using recruitment agencies and job boards is costly, time consuming and they see a real need for our App. Do you know how many happy dances went on that day? I can tell you a hell of a lot, between all of us, and if you did hear a huge cheer from the Sussex and Surrey countryside, yes that was us, not a figment of your imagination!

Now let’s not get too excited, although it is hard not to, especially when you are an optimistic and passionate bunch like us. We do still have lots of work to do. Yes, there are more candidates that are required on the platform to handle all the staffing needs of a large Hotel chain, but that’s not what is important right now. What’s important is that a large employer can see value in what we have developed and even more importantly all those fantastic candidates that have supported us will be at the Hotel’s fingertips while they search for excellent staff. What’s more, during a three-month trial in London they will also provide us with feedback so we can improve the platform for other Hotels and the whole Job Seeker experience.

As you also know from these posts we operate with transparency. You may be wondering who the Hotel group are? Unfortunately, I can’t say at this stage only because there is one small hoop left to jump through and until then I have to keep the name quiet. Ahhh, and I’m busting to say the name, like a child who has been told you can’t tell when you really, really want to.

So, as if this first part of good news was not enough, there was more… A Private PA of an international family posted on good old LinkedIn about an opportunity but clearly stated “NO AGENCIES PLEASE”. Looks like we are not the only ones who don’t like agencies! Nargis swiftly got in touch to introduce the App to her. After a successful couple of months using the App what followed was absolutely priceless. The following review in our App store:

“A very friendly and easy to manoeuvre app. Time saving and loads of candidates to go through. Benefiting both recruiters and employers to look for their forever perfect candidate at the tip of their fingers. Who would have thought that using cyber space can help in getting hold of your next perfect employee.

Reading through 100’s of candidates and their profile pictures from the comfort of your desk, or taking the opportunity to search for that perfect match when on the train or flying, saving a lot of time. The app, Marlin’s magic is better than Merlin’s magic. I highly recommend the app.”

There are times when building a start-up you feel that it’s too slow or there are problems, or worse still, both at the same time. It does happen and when it does you have doubts. Not in your ability, your team or your idea but you just wonder if this is the right thing to be doing, are you on the right path. Is investing at the risk of future hardship if it doesn’t work actually worth it. Well I can stand here and write to you today that it most definitely is. Even if this whole thing doesn’t work out in the end, we have achieved success in our own little way.

The Meeting

As we venture more into the hospitality space, I reached out to an old contact of mine from our ConciergeX days. John Green, founder of the JG Collection. His company represents many international boutique Hotels and I wanted to run the idea past him. His feedback was positive and I’ve no doubt in the future we will cross paths again and he will introduce us to Hotels who could use the App. In the meantime, if anyone here knows any Hotels who need an external sales team to promote their Hotel, John really is your man. He’s very well connected and is successfully building his business empire.

Final Thoughts

It’s good to be back and I hope that this post inspires just ONE start-up who is facing a tough time to keep pushing ahead. When you do get some good news and positive progress you will see and feel exactly what I mean. Until then keep going…