Chapter 26: Why make it harder?


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 26: Why make it harder?

Imagine walking round a supermarket collecting all the things you need for food this week. Filling an entire trolley with all the things you love to eat. Replacing things when you find something better and then finally queue at the checkout. As you unload all of the items and plan what to cook tonight out of the produce you’ve just selected, the checkout clerk says that you can’t pay here and you have to load your trolley back up and walk 3 miles away to pay!

Ludicrous right? That’s what submitting your app to Apple can be like. You go through all the pain of developing the app only to find out you have to jump through more hoops because they have changed things since you last submitted to the store. You need the patience of a saint.

In House

As many of you know, we have developed the first versions of the Marlin App in-house. After postponing our funding earlier this year we had no choice but to develop the next version of the app in-house too which has been time consuming but still very worthwhile. Now granted I’m not a full fledged Ionic developer and things do take me a fair bit longer than a qualified developer, but Apple and Google do not make things easy at all.

Apple in particular just seem to bring out rule after rule about certain things especially when they release new phones, which happened recently with the iPhone 11. In the 18 months of developing the App that last part of submitting to the actual stores has not improved at all. Given the advances in technology it still takes Apple 2 days to review an app when Google is a matter of hours.

It amazes us how this process even works and how any apps get listed at all. The fact Apple collect $100 per year from every developer, you would think they would improve the process. I won’t get too technical with this week’s post but at times it’s felt like learning another language from scratch in a very short space of time.

Anyway after plenty of gruelling hours getting the next version of the Employer App together, it is finally released. We are now working on the next version of the Job Seeker App which will have some new features that we are excited about. Hopefully this will come together a bit easier.

This development is all in preparation for the upcoming HOST exhibition at the end of October. It’s also been an important new version to make some improvements based on user feedback. There is lots for us to do as always but that should improve once our fundraising is successful and our team can grow.

Other Updates

During this redevelopment phase we have also been working on the positioning of the app as mentioned in Chapter 24. The results have been encouraging already and we haven’t really started to push it yet. Amazing what changing a few words about your product can do.

I had a great conversation this week with an exhibition organiser who was recently reading about the hospitality staffing crisis in the UK. It’s clear from talking to everyone in the industry that finding good staff is getting harder and not any cheaper. We are proud to have developed the Marlin App to work on resolving these issues. Hotels and restaurants have provided us with some valuable feedback to improve the platform.

Unlike Apple, we are hoping to make the Marlin App easier and easier to use as time passes. As the title to this post says: Why make it harder?

Until next week…