Chapter 30: It's getting longer and longer


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 30: It's getting longer and longer

Not my Christmas list but my bloody task list. It's just growing like soap suds. I complete three things and another five appear. I’m not complaining mind you, it’s better to have plenty to do than nothing at all and it’s another reminder that I need to work smart to get through it all. Steph and Nargis also have the same challenge but I guess we have ourselves to blame. We’re constantly thinking about what we can improve and who we need to talk to - consequently what we need to do just keeps growing. What are you supposed to do though? This is startup land folks and if you aren’t thinking of new ideas or solutions to the problems, well, you just aren’t going to make it.

If I could sum up my list in one word or noise it would be… ARRRGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH. It would sound like the kind of shriek you would make if somebody cut your hand off. Not something I have ever experienced thankfully but you get my gist. How do you complete a list like that! Seriously this sounds extreme but I’m currently looking at my main list and there is soooo much stuff I need to get done across all different parts of the business from new features in the app, blogging, financials, web design, meetings and so on. We’ve got a team meeting tomorrow, so I expect the list to grow a bit further. Blimey…. No wonder 16 hours a day is not enough.

That’s just my list of things to do. With Steph and Nargis’ lists as well…. Making a noise that could sum up that whole list. My vocal cords are not that good I’m afraid.

As I said in the first paragraph this is not a complaint and I’m not looking for a violin player. We like nothing more than a challenge and I speak for Nargis and Steph too. Some people would say we need more resources and staff. I completely agree but until we secure our seed round, we have to get on with it. Maybe at this point I should stop this week’s blog so I can get on with the task list. You’re not that lucky I’m afraid. I still have a bit more to tell you about!

Newsletter Emails

What are your thoughts about email newsletters? Do they always end up in your junk email or by you clicking the unsubscribe link? We have always worried that users would not want or appreciate yet another email and we were worried about the amount of content that process would need.

Regarding the content, we’ve proven to ourselves that content creation is no problem and we have plenty to talk about. We have also had a change of heart about the email newsletters. We think that if the emails are informative and even have a bit of humour they may be well received. Honestly this could be a load of tosh and users may hate them but as always, we want to try it to see how successful it is.

The newsletters won’t be long and drawn out. Just a simple update on a few things that have been going on and links to some recent blogs. We’re often told the content in our blogs is good and worth reading. Who knew!!

If your startup has successfully or unsuccessfully used email campaigns, then I would love to hear your feedback. Maybe some stats, the software you have used, how often you send out your emails. I’m not asking for much, am I?!

Out There

This week started the beginning of us getting out there more as mentioned in last week's blog. I was at the Tech Connect Show in Milton Keynes and then we all attended the Restaurant and Takeaway show in London. It's been great talking with lots of people and making new acquaintances, and as always finding out what others are up to. We've got more events on the pipeline too.

No doubt our task lists will keep growing after these events, but long may it continue. We are here to build and grow our startup and a long task list will not be holding us up any time soon.

Until next time…