Chapter 6: It’s time to Quit!


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 6: It’s time to Quit!


It’s time to quit are the words I never, ever want to say for the Marlin App. Especially not for my team, our users and in the future our investors. I have failed before with previous businesses and it has been more about quitting because I thought there was no way forward, that I had tried everything. The thing is, there is always a way, it just hasn’t been found yet. They say that businesses do not fail... entrepreneurs quit. I do have to agree with that, for now at least.

Instead of quitting you always have to keep trying things until you get the right recipe. It will take lots and lots of changes, some big and some small and we have been doing exactly this since we started developing this App. This is why as an entrepreneur you have to be patient beyond belief and be prepared to keep changing things until you get it right. You have to believe in yourself and more importantly your team, as you already know I have 110% belief in my team. I know I have said this before but it really is bloody hard work. Start-ups are not for the faint hearted.

This is all well and good but is there a place you should draw a line and stop a venture? If so, where is that line? Is it money? Is it time? I have set stop lines on both in the past but guess what, they keep changing. I constantly look out for that line and to be honest it keeps changing - maybe I should have gone to Specsavers after all! Is that foolish or is that giving your start-up the best chance to survive and then thrive? Lots of questions but I’m afraid I do not know the answers yet. When I have the answers, you will be the first to know.

That stop line can also be so close to the start of something big, we have all heard it before. Some of the most successful ventures on the planet were on their last breath and they found success. It is the line that you almost cross before finding success and avoiding the failure line.

Will all of the things we are trying be enough to avoid that failure line and make the Marlin App the preferred App for Employers and Job Seekers? We certainly hope so. If not we will keep adapting to avoid crossing that line. Steph, Nargis, our advisors and myself believe, without question, in what we are doing and are fully committed. We know we are onto something just from the feedback we have received about our App and the problem we are trying to fix in the recruitment industry. Filled with ambition, ideas and true grit, how can we not make it a success?

The Believer

I am a great believer in everything happening for a reason. I have spectacularly failed before so I can be here today with the knowledge I have gained from previous experiences. Is this our time to succeed or fail? I really don’t know. The thing is nobody really knows and I am not sure about you but I do not own a crystal ball. Maybe I should check out Amazon?

What I do know is that everything will be OK and wherever this all goes is meant to be where it goes. Wow this has all been pretty intense for an opening blog post so let’s change the tone a little. Actually let’s make this a bit visual…

Nargis and Steph have come up with an interesting idea. A video blog, yes you read right, a video blog. They want me to start broadcasting videos about our journey, our progress and probably some of my own ramblings. I am cringing already! After the initial “what the *#*#”, the idea has actually started to grow on me. Either that or I am just trying to convince myself.

Video Blogs

I have absolutely no experience whatsoever in recording videos of myself. I am an introvert by nature so this will be interesting to say the least. I suspect that for many people this is not something they would choose to do, much the same as public speaking I guess. After some initial research it seems the way to go and we are hoping to start this in the not too distant future. As always I will keep you updated on our progress. Our plan is to give you a better understanding of who we are and the benefits that the Marlin App can bring to Employers and Job Seekers as well as the journey as a whole. It will be done in my own style and remains to be seen if this is something that can work.

I have to say I am really looking forward to at least giving the videos a try, honest (he says sarcastically). Not because I love to be on camera, in fact the lens may even crack, but do you know something, so what… If the videos are crap, then we will stop them. Knowing what you already know about my team and I, they will be awesome videos and a great addition to all the other channels we have in keeping our fans updated. A bold statement I know but come on, you have to be optimistic and we have to — no, we will avoid that failure line. Quitting is not an option so we will keep trying things to make this venture a huge success for the most important people: Our users.

Finishing Up

Remember in Chapter 1 of this blog I said it would be an honest documentation of our start-up journey? I hope this has been the case so far and my readers are enjoying this inside look into me, my team and our idea. It really has been refreshing to write like this. I hope the videos will be just as refreshing, but I will not hold my breath just yet.

As always thanks for reading. Until next time…