Chapter 7: The Middlemen are dying!


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 7: The Middlemen are dying!

And I’m afraid we’re not going to save them either!

We believe that the new ‘middleman’ will be technology. It has happened in many other sectors, and recruitment will also be a sector affected by technology replacing the agency in the middle. Some may say this is a shame, the agencies will say they are irreplaceable, but the truth of the matter is that travel agencies thought they were irreplaceable and look what happened to them. I know there are still some around but much like the number of banks on the high street, they are reducing not increasing.

For the recruitment industry, online platforms like LinkedIn have supercharged this process in the recruitment sector and as an Employer using our App told me recently, how many agencies can keep advertising on LinkedIn for free and then charge a client a hefty 20% of their salary? It will come to an end at some stage and I am pleased we are one of the first out of the gates, certainly in our own sector.

We are seeing more and more companies start some innovating Apps that will disrupt the recruitment sector which I see as a great sign. Some will be competitors to us but I’m all for that. I think that the more competition there is in this space, the more you are pushed to bring out more features for your users and provide a better service. I don’t think it is good when a market is saturated but when that happens it is the time to innovate and think outside the box. Either that or move to the Bahamas…now that sounds like a great idea!

Things Are Changing

Everything, I mean everything changes and I think we have not seen the true effect of technology in many sectors. The recruitment model is outdated much like our UK government (I had to get that in somewhere). We need new ways of doing things in recruitment and we think the Marlin App will be one of those things.

Think about it. Where there was a ‘middleman’ they are being replaced by technology. It is more transparent, more reliable and more cost effective, sorry fellow humans. Now before you say but what about all the people that will lose their jobs because of your new App and other innovating technology? Well, there are still plenty of jobs to do but just in different capacities.

Take something like WhatsApp, now unless you have been living underwater for the last 10 years you have probably used it many times? It is simple and it is even free. I know it is owned by Facebook and they have been naughty recently but the premise of WhatsApp is simple and effective, that’s why it has 1.5B users, and what’s more it only started out 10 years ago. I am pretty sure many years ago telephone operators never thought that instant messaging would replace the good old phone…but it happened.

What’s New

So aside of us helping wipe out the ‘middleman’, what have we been up to recently? Last week we launched our new website and once again a huge thank you to our team to turn this around so quickly, we are really happy with the design and we’re a fussy bunch. I think it shows what the Marlin App is about much clearer and we have had some great feedback which we are very grateful for.

We have also been really busy with Amber (our fantastic Marketing Advisor) planning our strategy for the next 12 months and upon further investigation our proposed markets look a lot bigger than initially expected so this has made this project a whole lot more interesting for us.

“Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street”

As usual we’ve been speaking to potential investors but still quite a few knock backs to be honest and for very different reasons. Some say it is too small a market, although I think a £425B market is a fair size. Others have said I simply do not have enough hair so they don’t want to be investors! Well they may as well have such a stupid excuse because some of the things that have been said recently have been pretty comical to be honest. In any case they obviously have not heard of the saying “Grass doesn’t grow on a busy street”. A big thanks to Ceyda Baykal for that one, I have used it a few times since she told me that a few years ago, nice one!

The thing is, we have also had some really positive feedback from potential investors and a quite few have said come back to them when we are raising more money in the future. They like what we are doing but are more aligned with larger fundraising amounts so they will be kept informed as we make progress for sure.

Finishing Up

So with the new website out of the way for now, the work continues to welcome more and more users to enjoy using the App and get some Job Seekers in touch with Employers directly for some great opportunities. The investor introductions continue and we are already working on some minor updates to the App to further improve the features before the major updates we have planned at a later date.

So until the next time, if you are a ‘middleman’ reading this you best run because we are out to get you. If you’re not, then download the App and take a look for yourself. If you are neither but have deep pockets and are happy to invest in a founder with no hair and a team with a great vision, feel free to get in touch.