Come on a Journey with Marlin


Nargis Jafferali

Come on a Journey with Marlin

Believe it or not, there are still people who haven’t heard about us (shocker, right?!) – and so we’re sometimes asked to explain just what the Marlin App does. We could have picked any “clean-cut” example, but that’s no fun, so instead we share with you a slightly more unconventional journey and how the Marlin App worked for one user:

We spotted this Private PA advertising for a butler on LinkedIn – it was your typical social media post: “I’m looking for a butler”, followed by some basic specs. We reached out and personally introduced the Marlin App for Employers to her – great news, she was already a member of our community of job seekers, and knew our App was the best way of finding a new opportunity for herself. Surprisingly though, she was unaware about how the Employer side of things worked and, more importantly, how it could help her.

It turned out this user had been using agencies for many years – very used to submitting vacancies and paying roughly 10-15% commissions on every person hired through them. In essence, this user had racked up a small fortune in agency fees over the years. Not a surprise to our team here – we’re no longer gobsmacked when we hear how much people pay agencies!

This PA thought the App sounded like a much better process to find talent, than going through a middleman, and so we got her setup on a free trial to give the App a personal road test, a ‘try-before-you-buy’ 7 days of all-access to our entire community. After the trial, we had a chat about her experience. “It was great”, she said, “so easy to use and I found lots of suitable talent.” She had one question for us: where has their contact info gone? Quite simply, she missed her unrestricted access that the trial had given her, and wanted more. “No problem”, we said, “it’s only £150 to get back to searching again.” Easy enough, but a final question about hiring someone through the App, and [a testament to her loveliness] an offer to split the fees if she found someone through the App! “No no no”, we shouted – “we are not agents, we won’t charge you a penny if you end up hiring one of our community”.

“What??” she said. "Here’s my credit card!!"


It really was as easy as that! She was signed up for a month’s access, and was back to searching on the App, and contacting candidates directly.

After the first month, she said she hadn’t been able to hire anyone for this particular position and would hold off subscribing for another month. “No problem”, we said, “you can cancel anytime, so just keep us posted”. She went back to social media and posting an ad on a job board, and it was only 5 days later before she came back saying “I need another month on your App”.

This user is a Marlin-convert – having explored other options in the industry to find great talent, and having paid so much in the past to middlemen to “help her”, she fully appreciates that this platform is by far a better way. “In short, it is a wonderful idea you guys have come up with” she wrote us. And she’s even referred a few of her contacts to us too.

A Marlin App brand ambassador, a valued member of our community…and a very happy customer!

Share your own experiences with the Marlin App below, and help other users get to know what it’s all about. 

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