Dear Job Seekers...


Nargis Jafferali

Dear Job Seekers...

We get it. We’ve been where you are now. The frustrating world of job hunting, and the struggle to find a new job, fast.

Even if you’re the bees knees, it’s still out of your hands when a suitable opportunity will come up, let alone whether you’re the right fit for it.

We’ve worked with job seekers for years. Read through thousands of profiles, discussed the highs and lows of their job-hunting journey – played agony aunt and advisor, companion and counsellor. We’ve developed a detailed knowledge of what works and what desperately needs fixing in the recruitment world.

And listening to all the comments, suggestions, woes and delights of candidates from across the globe, we decided we need to do one thing: Try to make your job hunting life easier.

So we’ve brought employers straight to you. No more dancing around gatekeepers and chasing up agents – instead, anyone that’s interested in your profile will contact you directly. You’ve never gotten a chance a deal direct with a potential employer before have you? It’s been a string of middlemen or automated responses back. Now you get to hear about job opportunities, right from the horse’s mouth. 

Don’t worry about CVs either. We’ve taken those out completely. We know how long it takes to compose a CV, trying to cram your best bits into a 2-page limit. Hard work right? And (spoiler alert!) employers don’t even bother reading them. So, instead of days, we take only a few seconds of your time to put together a short profile, enough info for potential employers to find you within our network, and decide whether to give you a call or not.

We’re obsessed with making things straightforward for our candidates – you’re the people we care the most about (sssh, don’t tell anyone!). Your feedback goes directly into improvements on the app. We even select a Candidate of the Week, so we can boast about one of you every week!

We’re there for you, so let us know what you’d like to see on the app – what’s working and what’s not.

Oh and we’re sorry if you’ve not been contacted yet – it’s the one thing that’s out of our hands, and we hate that! But, you can help us by sharing the app with your friends – the more candidates we have, the more employers will start using it to hire, and contact you wonderful people asap.

Yours truly, 

The Marlin App team