"I want your blood" - just a little bit!


Steph Boxall

"I want your blood" - just a little bit!

Well, it was high time that I wrote a blog! I have never struggled with things to say, so it is perhaps time that I do a little writing...

I am a firm believer in passions – and I have many, as you may know! One cause is particularly close to my heart and it is one that I have participated in since I was 17 years old. Giving blood has been an integral part of the health system since donation centres were set up in 1947 and the need for blood hasn’t lessened in the last 72 years.

Every day, packs of blood are diverted across the country to those who need it most. Whether someone has been in an accident, is fighting cancer, suffering from ill health and even for those lab technicians who are testing various cures, drugs and treatments – blood is vital. Each donation has the potential to help save three people’s lives or more if the medical testing proves successful - so why wouldn’t you?

Giving blood is incredibly easy to do. It takes only a couple of minutes to sign up and, before you know it, you are booked into a session to start your journey of saving lives. The session itself runs pretty smoothly too. You rock up, hand in a medical questionnaire, sit back and drink a pint of water before a nurse takes you through your questionnaire and checks your iron levels (the pin prick is the most uncomfortable part!). All going well, you then donate – 10 minutes later you're done! The whole time the team keep a special eye on you and payment (cos that’s what we are all thinking) is a choice of biscuits (can’t beat an old-school bourbon), crisps, dried fruits and the usual too; tea, coffee and squash. In only an hour max, it’s all over.

It's true what people say, “that lives are shaped by moments of impact” - one hour, every 3/4 months… In the grand scheme of things it isn’t much time, but its impact is definitely felt. How many decisions in life can impact so many so positively? Individuals, sons, daughters, mums, dads, sisters, brothers, non-binary and transgender people have the chance of survival just because of one hour. To me, it’s a no-brainer.

And if that isn’t enough – it helps you! A mini health check 3-4 times a year. Your blood is thoroughly screened before being sent onto hospitals for patient use, so a fair few illnesses can be detected to help you stay fitter for longer!

I won’t lie, it is always a little scary, but nothing worth doing in life doesn’t have at least a little fear-factor – a motto I have always lived by.

So, with Blood Donation Week nearly upon us (10th –16th June 2019), why not register and start your super-hero journey!