Job Hunting in Uncertainty


Nargis Jafferali

Job Hunting in Uncertainty

It may sound a bit doom and gloom, but we're living in a society of great uncertainty. What's around the corner is anyone's guess, and for everyday people finding a job to make honest money, it can be a bit of a minefield.


In the UK at the moment, the impact of Brexit in the coming months and years across all businesses will be monumental, with a significant effect upon the hospitality industry. The industry relies heavily upon EU nationals forming its workforce.

A study in 2016 from Fourth Analytics showed that "43% of workers in the restaurant, QSR, hotel and pub sectors in the UK are foreign nationals".

One suspects that post-Brexit there will be fewer EU jobseekers taking up positions in the UK, and perhaps fewer employers even able to hire staff from outside the UK borders.

There will be certain companies, businesses or individuals unaffected in their hiring and recruitment processes of course, but changes in regulations may instead cause more administrative restraints and an increase in paperwork to push a once-easy process through the motions.

Although the outcome of Brexit is still very much undecided, and the cloud of uncertainty for all those it will affect is growing with every news story, it's clear the repercussions upon hospitality recruitment will be substantial.

So, how best to navigate yourself through this and other challenges being thrust upon thousands of job seekers?

Dependence on Middlemen

Using a recruitment agency to find you a job, in today's fast-paced modern world, is an archaic concept. Having to submit your details to them, rely on their efforts to find you a job, trust that they will convey the information necessary in an accurate manner, and, perhaps most frustratingly, having to play the chasing game with them - it's all slowing the process down and leaving too much of your valuable future into the hands of others.

Job-hunting can often be a gruelling process for many people. Whether it's graduates seeking their first step on the career ladder, or people made redundant from good jobs now searching for a new opportunity, part-timers scavenging for the perfect job to fit within their lifestyle and other commitments - it can be a stressful experience and feel like it's a race-against-the-clock to start earning again.

To place so much dependence upon a third party, and at such a critical time within a person's life, seems counter-intuitive and our own experience in this market has shown it's often unproductive and unsuccessful.

Sitting back and letting someone else manage the project just isn't enough these days, particularly in a volatile industry with such socio-economic, political change.

Give it your best shot

Be master of your own destiny, and make the change yourself, wherever possible.

If your only option is to rely on a middleman, then make sure you're taking the lead in the conversation, monitoring progress of your job application, asking the right questions and making just enough noise (without becoming an annoyance!).

But always make sure you're giving yourself the best chance at the best opportunity. Be proactive, be mindful, think outside of the box and don't be afraid to try new methods. Because at the end of the day, whether it's salary, location, hours, responsibilities, colleagues, benefits - whatever that position offers that's most integral to you - you need to find the right fit that's right for you. And with so many obstacles in your path, it really does pay to be smart about it

Good luck and happy job-hunting!

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