Let's go fishing...the Marlin way!


Nargis Jafferali

Let's go fishing...the Marlin way!

I was chatting with a Hotel Director of HR the other day, and she said, "By the way Nargis, I've been wondering... why are you called Marlin?" So, I decided to dedicate a piece to these beautiful oceanic creatures, and show you what they mean to our team.

The Facts!

There are about 10 different species of marlin, a close relative to the sword fish. The Blue Marlin is actually one of the largest species of fish in the world, and instantly recognisable by its spearlike snout, elongated body and long dorsal fin. They're found in the Atlantic, Pacific and Indian oceans and travel thousands of miles to migrate to warmer currents.

Marlin are sadly classed as 'vulnerable' to extinction, as they face an increasing threat of over fishing. Despite global efforts to rebuild populations, communities in the Mediterranean and Indian oceans in particular are believed to be the most at risk.

Science lesson over, kids! Let's talk about what makes these creatures really interesting...

The Fun!

Marlin aren't just the largest in the ocean, they're one the fastest. They have been known to reach speeds of up to 68mph! That's seriously fast. And our followers already know how much our team love speed...

Our App has been built purely to get you to the perfect hospitality candidate super fast. No wasting time. We get employer and candidate together in seconds, literally. We had a Head Chef download the App last Monday, and Tuesday morning a candidate he found on the App was brought in to interview!

And what about the Marlin's iconic sword-like upper jaw? It's by far their secret weapon in deep waters, being able to approach a shoal of fish, slash through them and stun them with ease, making it easy to catch their prey. It's all about precision and laser focus, wheedling out their target amongst the masses with expert accuracy...and we've learnt a few lessons from these creatures.

Taking out the middlemen means we deal direct with the community, no more confusion, no more wasting time, we get you to your target with expert precision. Click the criteria that matter to you, and our App will show you instantly your ideal catch.

We've gathered together our own shoal of fish - it's a community of experienced, job-seeking hospitality professionals, and it's a network that's growing. Growing in number, growing in skill set, growing by location. And all you have to do is...go fishing! Grab your phone, select your favourite and give them a call yourself!

The Future!

The number of job vacancies is at its highest according to the UK Office for National Statistics, and that's not being alleviated by the increased time and money being wasted in traditional hiring practices, such as recruitment agencies and job boards. Using technology gets you results faster, and the Marlin App is your shortcut to top talent.

Let's become more like the humble Marlin fish and target top talent....fast!

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The Foundation!

Our team is proud to support the Billfish Foundation (https://billfish.org), a global organisation dedicated solely to advance the conservation of Billfish and associated species to improve the health of oceans and economies.

We've so much to learn from these creatures and they are integral to our ecosystem, so let's do our part to raise awareness and protect them.