Chapter 1 - Life in a start-up. Be gentle this is my first post!


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 1 - Life in a start-up. Be gentle this is my first post!

Ecstatic, sad, excited, inspired, success, failure and doubt….

… These are not the words you think would be associated with a business, but if you are in a start-up or have conquered the start-up and now run a vast business empire I am sure these words plus many many more are relevant to you!

My name is Demos and I’m the founder of the Marlin App. This is my first post of this kind, I’m not a frequent writer so please forgive me for my writing style. In any case depending on how this first post is received it could be my last anyway!

My nights are pretty much filled with coding and user analytics and my weekends are full of much the same, while juggling being a father and partner. Sounds intense — but in the quest to build something truly great I believe you have to be fully immersed. Even so, that’s still only part of your success, you still need a bit of luck along the way. Well that’s what I keep telling myself anyway…! Some may say it’s crazy but I enjoy it, and I wouldn’t change what I do for anything, not right now at least. Yes it is hard especially when things aren’t going to plan but for some strange reason it feels right!

Now that’s enough about me, these posts are about our start-up journey with the Marlin App and more importantly my great team. We are small but if there was a measure for dedication, loyalty, work ethics, ideas and honesty my two colleagues Nargis Jafferali and Stephanie Boxall would top the scales. They really are a true credit to this venture.

They’ve been with me on this journey from the beginning and spend every day thinking of improvements to the App and our road to success. Now let me be clear neither Nargis or Stephanie own shares in this venture (yet!) — they just share the belief that we have created something that will bring some good to the world.

Sounds airy fairy but if it does work we will find millions of candidates jobs with employers who are looking for staff. That means work for candidates, satisfied employers who’ve also saved time and money, and a growing Marlin App team. It’s not a cure for cancer or a solution to Brexit (dare I even mention that word) but once we succeed with this venture we can tackle those next!

I want these posts to be about our journey — our struggles, achievements, frustrations and inspirations. Anything that could help budding entrepreneurs get through the gruelling business of a start-up, or give readers just something different to enjoy. My posts will be open, frank and hopefully even generate some discussions.

If you’ve read this far, I guess I should tell you what we are trying to build! Some of you may love the idea and some may not, some of you may be recruiters and if so, you’ll probably hate it! Only time will tell which one of us is right.

We have developed the Marlin App that connects Employers directly with Job Seekers. Sounds simple right? Well it is… We want to take out the middlemen completely and give employers the ability to search and contact candidates of interest themselves. Our focus is in the Private Staff sector to start with, and then in true entrepreneur spirit we plan to take on every other sector known to man & woman! (Well you have to be optimistic right?)

I will get to the reason we chose this sector and what got us to this stage — but only if this post generates a little bit of interest. The last thing I want is for people to read this and think what a load of rubbish. I want it to be a true honest reflection of a start-up journey and I’d love to inspire some other entrepreneurs along the way.

We would love to hear from anybody who is battling with similar problems and we’d be more than happy to connect people together if there is a commission for us (just kidding!).

So, let’s see how much interest there is. If at least 13 people like this post I will continue at least to the next post!! Until then go back to whatever you were doing before you came across this and thanks for reading!