Chapter 5 - So which hat will it be today?


Demos Demetriou

Chapter 5 - So which hat will it be today?

If the different roles that you get involved in when building a start-up were illustrated by a hat, then it would feel like the London, New York and Paris fashion show was on in our business on a weekly basis.

Every day there is another hat to wear and in many cases a hat you may not have worn before, or one that needs dusting off. It means quick learning on the job sometimes. As much as it will be nice when our team grows and we have all the relevant departments, I must say I do kind of like it like this sometimes.

If you knew the working hours we put into the Marlin App each week you would wonder why we don’t get more help. As many of you know we have not secured our investment yet and even when we do, it still has to be a tightly run operation so we can maximise our spend on things like marketing -remembering what I said two weeks ago?

Obviously our team will grow. It will have to in order to sustain the growth we have planned. But until our team expands I want us to enjoy every moment, even the difficult ones. The reason I say this is because we are so dynamic and nimble at the moment, I am sure it will be harder to stay that way with a bigger team but we will keep it that way, I can assure you.

Being dynamic as a team is important and I have a very good example. On Monday we had a really great marketing meeting with Amber, Steph, Nargis and myself. As usual we had plenty of ideas and things to action. This was the first time they had all met as Amber has only recently joined us and the meeting was nothing short of perfect. From the outside looking in they were firing out so many ideas that it was a pleasure to watch. As a founder, seeing your team work like that without having to say much was a really great moment. Yes we haven’t secured the investment yet, yes we have plenty of things to get done but for that moment it did not matter. It was just so great to see a team working so well together.

You will often get those moments as a founder. You will also get the moments that things are not working out and you cannot see or feel anything but pain because of how hard things are. This was not the case on Monday though!

So, back to why being small and nimble is important. In that meeting we discussed some social media strategies to start testing, focusing on certain sectors and making the user experience for the Job Seekers and Employers clearer. Not talking about how amazing the App is but more about what it will do for you as a user, how it will help you get that next job. How it will help you find your next staff member. More an emotional type of marketing, something we have not tried before.

One thing I can say is that if a candidate or employer spoke to any of my team about how and why they would want to use this App they would register immediately. The thing is you cannot speak to every visitor to your website or App page. The message has to be clear and appealing through marketing. With Amber on board now, this message will be loud and clear very soon and we can’t wait!

Two days since the meeting, the new website is well underway and Nargis has prepared blogs, social media posts and other ideas for when the site is launched. Yes, in just two days we have achieved loads. Granted we all have not had much sleep but that doesn’t matter (does it?). This is the longest break I have had away from the website so thought it would be good to write a bit. Seriously I really recommend writing, it really does help clear the mind.

Steph has not slept much for other reasons, she has been busy trying to get her voice back (I do tell her to lay off the smoking but she doesn’t listen!) 😜 Just kidding! Steph is fitter than all of us. She is also a keen mountaineer and having already climbed Kilimanjaro is now preparing for Everest base camp. I will talk about this another week for sure and share some amazing pictures of Kilimanjaro with you all (if she doesn’t mind of course). On the note of her losing her voice and feeling unwell, this has not stopped her ploughing through her workload. If that’s not dedication …what is?

So a bit of a shorter post this week so I can get back to working on the website. For those of you who are interested I am designing it in Webflow. If you have a little technical experience I recommend it, it is the first time I have ever used it but it seems pretty good so far. Over the years I have used other platforms like Wordpress, Squarespace and other drag and drop sites but Webflow seems the best of the bunch so far. Still early days but no complaints yet. I guess I will let my readers decide once the site is done.

As always thanks for reading. Until next week…