The Innovation of Cleaning Products


Nargis Jafferali

The Innovation of Cleaning Products
"Be the change you want to see in the world" - Mahatma Gandhi

The demand for cleaning products is on the rise, globally. Our society has become increasingly mindful of practising good hygiene and reducing the spread of infectious diseases, and as a result increasing its consideration of safe food storage, disinfecting household surfaces, proper refuse disposal and overall sanitary conditions.

With these trends on the rise, it’s no wonder that time-strapped consumers reach more and more towards fast-acting, innovative cleaning materials to help achieve these goals. Reckitt Benckiser – the group behind such household brands as Dettol, Lysol, Harpic, Vanish and Cillit Bang – reported revenue of £12.6bn in Dec 2018, a massive increase of 10% from the previous year. They’re just one in a long list of companies heavily focused on innovation in order to keep up their brand image and sustain consumer loyalty.

The market is without doubt a competitive and challenging one. The effect of cleaning products and processes upon the environment is a hotly-discussed matter. Commercial and institutional buildings in the US alone annually consume 6.2 billion pounds of chemicals, 4.5 billion pounds of sanitary paper (that’s 30 million trees) and 1 billion pounds of janitorial equipment. And the impact of plastic (whether through product packaging or otherwise) in this working space is significant.

The concept of green cleaning is helping change this dynamic – and many cleaning product companies are working hard on understanding the science behind cleaning, in order to use products that help safeguard the health and safety of people and the planet.

Whether you’re working to upkeep in a private household, commercial building, hospitality space or elsewhere, it’s important to keep yourself and those around you healthy, and using proper cleaning products in your job is the first step. Make the switch and save the planet!

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