Top 4 skills for successful chefs


Nargis Jafferali

Top 4 skills for successful chefs

Aside from culinary expertise, there are some other personality traits that we think every chef needs to have, to make them stand out from the crowd, and to enable them to be really successful.

1)    Stamina

Not only do you require the physical ability to work long hours, be on your feet for most of the time and running around a busy kitchen - a successful chef needs to be mentally fit to stay motivated and focused and be able to withstand the pressure without getting stressed or burned out.

2)    Organisation

This includes your physical workspace as well as the people around you. Your kitchen should be laid out and prepped to run like a well-oiled machine, whether you’re a private chef working alone or running a large restaurant. Making sure everyone has their duties designated, managing the flow of the kitchen especially during busy periods, organising the food preparation, and keeping surfaces neat, clean and tidy at all times. A chef’s role involves so much multi-tasking that keeping organised is integral to the job.

3)    Professionalism

Cooking for others means being able to deal with potential criticism and handling it calmly and professionally. You need to also have a good business mind when it comes to food preparation – being mindful of budgets, food waste reduction, sustainable practices and maximising profitability.

4)    Passion

A successful chef will always be thinking outside the box, trying to push the boundaries and be happy to take risks in the quest to create a new dish, a new flavour or a new style. They will also demonstrate their flexibility to adapt to dietary constraints and allergies, budget constraints and availability of ingredients. A passionate and enthusiastic chef will keep their diners coming back for more time after time.

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