Top 5 Skills for Hotel Managers


Nargis Jafferali

Top 5 Skills for Hotel Managers

At the heart of any successful hotel lies the hotel manager, the person in charge of overseeing all operations and daily activities within the establishment. So what skills are necessary for such an integral role and what really makes a great hotel manager?


So many tasks required, and so little time! A hotel manager will be juggling different responsibilities alongside various shifts in the day, and therefore being able to adapt well to the requirements of the job are key. They will have the flexibility to seamlessly transition from overseeing top-line operational activity, to managing day-to-day basic tasks, and have no qualms to take a hands-on approach wherever necessary. Working in a hotel means responding to unforeseen and unexpected issues round the clock, and the best managers will remain calm under pressure to make informed decisions and solve problems of all sorts.


With so many things going on every day, it's important to be organised, methodical and able to multi-task with ease. A hotel manager will have an attention to detail to make sure their guests have the best experience, whilst also being aware of appropriate delegation and knowing when to involve the team to ensure the hotel runs like a well-oiled machine.


The hotel manager is the front of house, the"face of the hotel", and as such should have the charisma and charm to match. They will know when and how to present themselves as professional, empathetic and respectful, and be ready to damage control a negative experience in a flash. Their interpersonal skills will be of a high standard, essentially using their personality to ensure both guests and employees are content at all times.


Successful hotel managers are great leaders - they have to be with so many staff to manage. They should be able to motivate and inspire their team, delegate expertly and resolve problems comfortably as well as professionally discipline any negative behaviour. Making sure your employees work together as a team well is integral particularly in a hotel as guests will immediately identify if there is conflict or stress. It's therefore the hotel manager's job to create a perfect working environment to boost staff performance.

Industry Knowledge

A hotel manager will understand all the inner workings of the hotel - every system and process - in order to carry out their daily duties. They will, however, also be required to be versed in accounting, budget controls, human resource management and other concepts without which they'll lack a holistic viewpoint of the business and not be able to make appropriate decisions. In such a competitive market, being forward-thinking in your approach helps too, and modern managers will embrace new innovations to streamline processes, such as technology and automation. Being tech-savvy certainly helps with this, but having the right attitude to consider better working practices can be sufficient.

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