Up close with our Founder


Nargis Jafferali

Up close with our Founder

If you think all Founders are the same, think again! The Founder of the Marlin App, Demos Demetriou, is a hands-on, always-thinking, upbeat kinda guy – after all, he’s come up with the perfect solution to tackling hospitality recruitment woes, and that’s no easy feat!

We grabbed him for a few minutes for a friendly grilling…all so you can get to know him better! You’re welcome!

Thanks for bearing your soul for our followers, Demos.

- My pleasure – I hope you’ll go easy on me!

Of course. Here’s an easy start - What’s the first thing you do when you wake up?

- I’m an early riser so my day starts about 5am before anyone else is up. I catch up with signups and app activity overnight then head for the gym. It helps me focus, destress, and gather my thoughts for the day ahead. I think starting the day with some “me-time” sets the tone for the rest of the day and staying committed to a routine like this reminds me to keep working on my goals and never give up.

How many times in the day does your schedule change?

- Every 5 minutes some days! No single day is ever the same for me. Whether it’s working on new features for the app with my head buried in coding, or writing the next chapter of my personal blog, or out meeting hospitality employers to personally show them the benefits of Marlin to their business… even a well-carved plan may be chucked out the window at any moment if my team need me for something urgent, or there’s something that requires an ‘all-hands-on-deck’ approach. Running any business means being ready for changes at any time – how you respond to those changes is really important, and our followers appreciate that my team are always there to offer personal support round-the-clock.

What does being the Founder of the Marlin App mean to you?

- It fills me with pride! Honestly. I never get tired of the positive feedback we get from people who are introduced to the app. Seeing their reaction when they discover how easy it is to use, how quickly they can contact candidates, and how they’ve arranged interviews in a matter of hours – that makes all the hard work worth it.

What’s been the biggest surprise so far throughout this whole venture?

- Seeing the difference it’s made on individual hotel and restaurant chains has been amazing. We always knew we were on to something and hoped it would improve hospitality recruitment as much as we believed – but seeing the success stories in real life (of saving time, saving money, saving stress and more) – that’s the best feeling in the world!

How do you cope with rejection or disappointment?

- Well, I don’t drink, smoke or have a particular sweet tooth…but some days I wish I did all three! There’s a ton of frustration when you’re launching something new and different to market, and of course, not everyone jumps at your great idea instantly – and that can be disheartening. But, I have a great team, and we motivate each other to keep innovating, keep focused, and keep working hard.

If a genie granted you 3 wishes, what would they be?

1. Give us the funds to create a foundation dedicated to startups to help them get started, grow and thrive.

2. Find a cure or a way to spot a stroke before it happens. My grandfather suffered for many years after two strokes which eventually took his life 4 years ago and I would not want anyone to suffer in the same way.

3. Sort out Brexit!!

And finally… we’re dying to know just how many “hats” do you currently wear?

- Hmmm...Father, partner, coder, blogger, manager, podcaster, entrepreneur, designer… Trust me, you don’t wanna know!