"We are not agents!"


Nargis Jafferali

"We are not agents!"

Sadly it's something our team still need to clarify on occasion, but that's getting less and less as more people find out about our App and the revolution of what we're doing. So why distance ourselves from agents? What's so wrong about using an agent anyway?

Well, first off, let's just say one thing: they're not all monsters. Lovely people I'm sure, but unfortunately for them they're on the brink of extinction joining the likes of the wooly mammoth, the dinosaur and [hopefully soon] the plastic carrier bag.

"Send us your CV" 🙄

A CV (or resume, for our international pals!) takes an awfully long time. We know. We've either used one ourselves to get our jobs, or [a long time ago now] advised candidates how to perfect their own. But no-one has time for that anymore. The time for beautifully crafted sentences, fancy fonts, and fitting your entire life into a stringent '2 pages max' limit is over.

You don't need me to tell you: employers don't read CVs! They equally lack the time too. Why not give this a try instead - DON'T give them any CVs in the first place. Let them view the parts about you that really matter; your name, a few personal details, and a simple snapshot of your work experience. Draw them into finding about the real you through old-school human contact! Let them talk with you, meet you, discuss an opportunity with you, one-on-one.

Money, money, money!

It's surprising just how many money-hungry middlemen still exist. Not of all them are this way, sure, but we've definitely come across a fair few agents who will throw 12 or more CVs at an employer 10 minutes after first being introduced, in a hope to place someone, anyone, within that role and claim their fees. Attention to detail? Umm.....we wish - but how could it be with that many candidates being thrown so quickly.

So where does that leave the job seeker then? Being thrust into a role they may not be fully suited to? Being force-fed an opportunity, perhaps for the sake of closing a deal? That's not the right approach, not by a long-shot.

And let's not forget about the employer. Last week, we spoke with a HNW House Manager who had racked up an agency bill of thousands in 4 short months! Why? Because the agency hadn't provided him with the quality he was looking for, and the candidates just hadn't been a right fit. Onto the next then, and the next, and the next. A short while after that, we chatted with a Talent Manager at a well-known London hotel, whose recruitment expense was in the millions for one year! Sure their large team had incorporated social media advertising costs and job board subscription fees into that, but the time they'd all wasted just trying to establish basic information on candidates was costing them a small fortune.

Chasing your tail

Job seekers chasing agents for application updates, employers chasing agents to request more candidates, agents chasing job seekers to check whether they are available, agents chasing employers to get interview updates....it's a wonder their FitBit activity trackers haven't exploded with all this running around! Dizzy yet? After only a short while into this game, you realise how stressful and unproductive it really is.

Bye bye middlemen!

Wow, with all of that above it's a wonder agents still exist! Sure, there are moments in life when having someone's support in the process works brilliantly - like childbirth aided by a midwife or that good old friend who helps prop you up after a few too many - but recruitment isn't one of those situations.

Confused, costly and counterproductive - don't you agree it's much better when you can deal directly and handle an important life/work-choice like getting a new job or finding great talent...yourself?

Take out the middleman and find your next staff yourself, right here!