What's hot in hospitality?


Nargis Jafferali

What's hot in hospitality?

The hospitality industry exists within a pressure cooker to stay relevant, attractive and in touch with all the latest trends. Here we break down the biggest topics that are impacting this buzzing industry:


The need to implement the very latest technological systems is key, particularly to ensure that there's a seamless experience for customers and guests. Travellers themselves are becoming more and more tech-savvy, favouring processes like online checking in, app-based reservation systems and live chat customer service. As the knowledge-base expands and trends develop in this area, so does the expectation that hotels and other venues will have the latest equipment and an experienced team behind it. The plus side of integrating technology into hospitality is certainly the ability to understand your customer more, and being able to deliver a customised and comfortable service.


With international travel on the rise, the hospitality industry needs to be ready for any type of demographic, and it's the millennial-generation that is driving much of this business and they are influenced by different factors. Remaining compatible with millennials and staying relevant can be a challenge, as they operate in a real-time world, sharing their experiences worldwide through social media. Making sure they have all the modern digital frameworks in place to satisfy their demanding clientele is paramount, whilst also appearing unique and quirky enough to stand out amongst competitors.

Changing Roles

With the emergence and popularity of technology within the hospitality industry, there has become a rising shift in the roles that human staff play. Thanks to artificial intelligence and superior digital systems, robots can handle checking in and the delivering of room service. This leaves the human team to focus on areas where a personalised service is still required, such as customer retention and general management. It's much more than just replacing roles with automation - a successful establishment will understand that it's an evolution of the workforce.


Increased consumer awareness into widespread environmental issues means that people travelling abroad have come to expect that sustainable, eco-friendly practices will be followed literally everywhere on the planet. As a result, it's up to the service providers to think smartly about their choices - from reducing the amount of energy wasted by lights left on, integrating solar panels within their infrastructure, to banning plastic straws, and promoting clean-up operations on beaches and public areas. These things and more are not only vital in protecting our habitat, but a key part of a hospitality venue's competitive advantage.


Our society has become more in touch with their overall well-being, and as part of their hospitality experience consumers will choose to focus on their health and satisfaction as well as fulfilling basic needs. Inclusions of fitness centres, meditation zones and yoga retreats are standard in a lot of places, whilst customers will also expect hotels and restaurants to promote healthy eating and consideration of all dietary requirements. A hotel stay for example has now become so much more of a holistic experience than just a traveller seeking a bed for the night.

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