Startup Stories - Exclusive Interview

Startup Stories - Exclusive Interview

If you’re on the startup battlefield, Startup Stories brings news from the next trench.

Startup founder, Adam Callow talks to founders and gets their first-hand stories with actionable insight from entrepreneurs.

The web is changing everything. What would you do if you created an app that your customers loved, but that threatened your own business? Demos Demetriou had a successful niche recruitment business providing staff for the most demanding customers, but he began to see that the recruitment industry has to change.

In this podcast episode, Adam talks directly with Demos, founder of the Marlin App, to find out all about what made him launch this platform. How did the idea come about, what were some of the challenges, and what’s next for the team?

Listen to this exclusive interview to find out what exactly drove a successful businessman to cannibalise his own business.